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How to Program Atlantic Broadband Remote to TV



Nowadays, people have overcome multiple remote of numerous connections to TV through powerful Universal remote control. Although brands provide specific universal remotes for TV, it is not suitable for people with the TV of various brands.

In this case, the best option to go with is the Atlantic broadband code. It works on many brands of television. Also, you can operate it with the setup box.

If you want to program Atlantic on a TV connected to a digital set-top box, you need Atlantic broadband remote codes and proper instructions.


After programming the Atlantic broadband remote, you can remotely control the two electronic devices.

The Atlantic Broadband Remote comes with Auto Search functionality. It means that there is no need to try many codes during the programming process. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on Atlantic broadband remote control codes for smooth processing.

Get to know Atlantic broadband remote codes for Setup Process


In general, the Atlantic broadband remote control codes are four and five-digit. Below is the complete list of all the codes for the programming process. In case one code doesn’t work in the programming procedure, please choose another code.

How to Program Atlantic Broadband Remote in Few Simple Steps?

Step 1. Please find out the relevant above code from the above list and hold it easily. In some cases, do not forget that you may need to try multiple codes as long as it is correct. Make sure that the TV you want to program has switched on.

Step 2. Set Atlantic Broadband Remote near to your TV.


Step 3. Press and hold the OK / SELL button on the remote control. To enter programming mode, you need to stop this button for a few seconds. If you turn on a small LED light, you can see it in remote programming mode.

Step 4. Code key created using the numeric button on the Atlantic Broadband Remote button.

Step 5. Tap on the ON / OFF button on the remote control. If your TV is lit, this means that you have entered the correct code. Otherwise, please return to step 4 to try another code.


Step 6. To save the code, press the TV button on the remote control for 30 seconds. Code is stored in the remote database.

The process of Atlantic broadband remote setup successfully.

The Conclusion


In the above guide, we have highlighted the complete list of four and five digital code required to program Atlantic broadband remote. Also, it takes you through the complete stepwise process to operate the helpful device. It is quick and straightforward.

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