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Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes &Program setup



Are you frustrated with having too many remote control for your home devices? Then you have to replace all the remote control and bought a new remote that can control all your home appliances with a single remote control known as the “Yamaha remote control”. Here I suggest some programming instructions through which you can program your universal remote control. Through this remote, you can operate every device which you want to control such as DVD/VCR/ cable box and many more. For solving the problem you related to your remote control. Here I suggest some programming instructions which might help you out.

Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes


Programming Instruction for “Yamaha Remote”:

Step1: Switch “ON” the device that you want to program with the “Yamaha remote control”.

Note: If you want to program your media player, then you have to insert a disk or tape. But remember that all other devices around you keep shutting off.


Step2: Fix the “Memory” switch in a suitable position for the device that you are preparing to program.

Step3: Hold the remote in front of the device that you want to program. Till the programming process finish.

Step4: Find the “SEARCH” button in your “Yamaha remote”. Press and hold the “SEARCH” button.


Step5: Indicator(RED) light blinks “twice”.

Step6: Press and hold down the “POWER” button from your universal remote. The “LEARN” light will keep on for 20 seconds. At this time you have to press the “POWER” button many times.

Note: If your “LEARN” button is programmed successfully then the indicator(RED) light blinks slowly. Repeat this process for every button that you want to program. When every button on the remote are programmed then you have to press the “LEARN” button for saving all the codes correctly.


Step7: Press and hold the “POWER” button from your remote control. And check all the buttons are programmed or not. If some buttons are not performing well then start the process again from starting.

3 Digit Yamaha Remote Codes List

[table id=174 /]

4 Digit Yamaha Remote Codes List

[table id=175 /]


4 Digit Codes for Yamaha Blu-Ray Player

[table id=173 /]

5 Digit Remote Codes for Yamaha Soundbar

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