Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes are programmable remote controls that can be programmed to run hundreds of components, from DVD players to televisions. If you purchased a new component or if the Westinghouse remote control is not programmed correctly, you can reset the remote control to the factory settings of the component type or delete all programs from your device. After removing the program from the remote control, you can reprogram the device for existing components.

Reset Components of Your Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes:

Step 1: Press and hold the component button for the component that you want to reset. For example, pressing and holding the “TV” button deletes TV programs.

Step 2: While holding down the OK button, while holding down the component button. The mode button blinks. After the mode button stops flashing, remove the component and the OK button. The code for the selected component is clear and programmable.

Reset All Code From Your Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes:

Step 1: On the back of the remote control, remove the battery cover.

 Step 2: Remove the battery from the remote control.

 Step 3: Press the component button for about 1 minute to drain the remaining energy from the device. Leave the device for 1-2 minutes.

Insert the battery into the back of the remote control and replace the cover. The remote control is now reset and can be reprogrammed for the component.

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