Universal Remotes are the perfect solution to your digital device management issues. A Universal remote control cuts off the mess and needs of various remote controls. And also the chances of losing any remote control. Programming a universal remote is very easy and simple. Just follow the U Verse Universal Remote Code for Toshiba Television procedure and you are all done.

U Verse Universal Remote Code for Toshiba Television

1150 1322

How to Get Toshiba Remote to AT&T U-Verse Remote Codes


  • Switch on the TV
  • Now locate the “Menu” button on the uverse remote and press it.
  • Now once you do that a number of options would be available to you. Kindly select “Help”.
  • Next select “Information”.
  • And then select “Remote Control Setup” option under information.
  • Now, select a list of remote controls would be displayed to you on the TV screen. Select the uverse remote control from the list.
  • Now once you have selected your remote control from the list, select TV/Device setup options.
  • After that select any one method by which you wish to program you’re remote to the TV. Either select “Top Ten Brand Setup”, “Automatic Code”, or “Manual Setup” programming option.

Below we have mentioned the programming procedure for the manual method-

Programming Uverse Remote Control Manually:-

  • Power On the device you want to program to use with the remote (ex: If you want to setup the remote for Toshiba TV then power on the Toshiba TV manually)
  • Now out of the various device option buttons on the remote (TV, DVD, or AUX) press one which matches with your device. In this case you need to select “TV” button.
  • While pressing the device button, simultaneously press the “OK” button.
  • Press and hold both the buttons for around a second until the four mode keys on the remote illuminates. Which signifies that the remote has entered the programming mode.

Below we have answered some common questions about the Uverse Remote Control Set-

  1. Setting up various functions like Volume up/down on Uverse Remote:
  2. Firstly, press “Menu” button on the remote.
  3. Now select “Help” under the various options available once you selected menu.
  4. Next select “Information” option.
  5. Next select “Troubleshoot & Resolve” option.
  6. And now select the function you wish to setup. Like for example if you wish to setup the volume function then select “Sound Issue” option.
  7. Now follow the steps the device says you by displaying the same on the screen.
  • About the AT TV remote:

The RC82V Remote has two working mode. IR and RF. The remote uses two-way connectivity to the AT TV.  The RF mode doesn’t require the remote and the device to be align.

  • Locating ATT button on Uverse Remote:
  • Look for the batteries on the remote.
  • Press the AT button which is at the top of the remote.
  • This button should be shining bright.
  • If this is not the case then kindly replace the old batteries with the new ones.
  • Connecting my smart TV to ATT Uverse :
  • Plug in the AT-Uverse receiver.
  • Switch on the TV with the help of the TV remote.
  • Now select INPUT, TV/VIDEO, or SOURCE as according.
  • If you need any further information on which input to choose when, please refer your TV’s user manual.
  • Programming Uverse S30 and S20 remote:
  • Follow the basic steps mentioned above.
  • Firstly, press “Menu” button on the remote.
  • Simultaneously press the “OK” button.
  • Hold the button till the power key illuminates twice which will signify that the remote has entered the programming mode successfully.
  • Now press “On Demand” to program the TV code.
  • Syncing ATT remote to TV:
  • Select AT TV on the TV device.
  • Now select settings.
  • Then select system.
  • Next select “Remote & Devices”.
  • Now you can program the remote with the TV by choosing the TV manufacturer or sound bar you wish to add.

Lastly, follow the instruction given by the device to finish setting up the remote control.