What is Discord Screen Share?

Discord is a full-featured social platform that helps users to communicate with others through text chat, voice, and video on the chat servers,and allows you to set up huge or small chat servers for the gaming, social, or business groups. However, lot of users don’t know about Discord is that it also offers a complete video calling and Discord Screen Share solution as well.

The discord share screen feature lets users on your Discord chat server (maximum 10) to interact with your discord screen share in server  can do live video chat while simultaneously sharing desktops. This feature is made right into the most Discord app — there are not any additional programs to put in .

Here, you will get to know how to configure and use the screen share and video calling features in Discord.

How to share screen on Discord?

Video/Camera Settings

  1. Search for the “settings” bar at the lower left side of the screen and click into the settings page.
  2. For adjusting voice and discord video chat settings move at the left-hand menu and select on the “Voice and Video” tab under “App settings”.
  3. Fir altering the video settings, just scroll down to the “Video settings” and click the video camera hardware using the drop-down menu.

How to Share Screen on Discord by Adding Friends to Your “Call List”

To initiate or make a call to your friend or any other user on the video chat on discord server, you need to be friend with that user or with everyone in the calling group.

Move at top-left for the Discord icon and go to the “Homepage”. Then click on “Friends” which can open the Friend list.

From here, you can either click the username of the friend or, else their name which will display the option to begin a discord video call.

Click on the friend’s name, it would have opened a DM with them. Above the DM window, choose to begin a Video Call by clicking the right icon.

If you’re using the iOS or Android user, you’ll start a video call by tapping the three dot icon at the highest right of the screen while in a DM or Group Message and selecting Start Video Call from the choices .

Can You Screen Share on Discord Using Video Call Features ?

Once the call has started, there are several features you’ll use to rearrange things the way you’d like.

Swapping From Video to Screen Share

The next two icons at the bottom of the screen will offer the option of swapping from a discord video call to enabling screen share.

There is a feature to swap between the 2 at any time throughout the decision . When swapping to screen share, you’ll choose which monitor screen to share or a selected application window. You can also swap back and forth between monitor share and application by clicking the screen share icon while already screen sharing.

Leave Call Button

This button does exactly what it says and when pressed will drop the decision . Avoid accidentally clicking on this until you’re actually finished together with your call.

Discord Mute Screen Share & User Settings

To the proper of the “Leave Call” button is an icon that appears sort of a microphone. This is the “Mute Toggle” icon and can mute or unmute your microphone when clicked. Next thereto icon is that the “User Settings” icon almost like the one in your Discord Homepage window.

Video Marquee

This feature is of great use as you see only a particular video and others aren’t that necessary for you then to do so you just need to click on the required user’s avatar while in the normal screen for a group video call, you pull their video into focus while piling the others into a marquee to the right and will eventually make the video pop-out from others.

If you turn a special “> to a different DM screen or a different server, your video call will begin to a picture-in-picture view. You can also freely move the window round the screen to an edge that works best for you. The Video options will be available there within the window. Clicking the name at the top-left will revert to the decision ongoing window. On the lower-right, you’ll click on the icons for screen share and video out in your convenience.

Share Sound While Sharing a Screen

 You have the choice of enabling your sounds on the screen when in screen share mode. Allow those on the opposite end of the decision to listen to all the pings and chimes while you guide them around your screen or educating them on a selected application.

For the latter, you’ll got to toggle the SOUND while within the “Application Window”.

Unfortunately, screen sharing isn’t currently available on mobile devices, so you’ll need to mount your desktop to require advantage of this handy feature.

discord screen share no audio ?

Audio Output

While Sharing Screen, it is also possible that you can choose to opt-out of sharing sound on the screen share mode. This can be done by toggling the SOUND button between ON and OFF.

Located at the top-right of the screen alongside the Switch Camera icon, this feature will allow to swap the audio output between using your iPhone’s default speakers or a wireless headset. The icon is displayed as an iPhone with a speaker at rock bottom right.

Switch Camera

Users can tune the camera between on and off state which lets them stop/start the functioning of the camera. Also, they will toggle between the front and back camera without lag or any issues.

You can seamlessly switch between your smartphone’s forward-facing and rear-facing cameras. The icon is displayed as a camera with a double-headed arrow.


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