Samsung is basically the popular name for the electronic company dealing in TV, DVD, and other electronic devices.

Every Comcast electronic device like TV, DVD, etc always comes with a remote. However, after some time, this remote can stop working or can Comcast Remote be misplaced, then a backup option is mandatory. Now there is not to freak out. You can easily convert Comcast remote into a universal remote via Samsung remote codes for your Comcast TV.

With this remote, you can control your Comcast TV or any other Comcast device without any inconvenience. But before using it, you need to program the Comcast remote via Samsung remote codes for Comcast tv or any Comcast device.

Transforming a remote into a Samsung Universal Remote for Comcast can be done by using the Samsung Universal remote codes. It enables you to program the Universal remote with any device like TV, DVD, VCR, Samsung and many more.

All you need to do is follow some simple and quick steps and your Comcast Universal Remote is ready to use. Below is the set of instructions for programming your Comcast universal remote control with Comcast devices. We have also provided the complete list of Samsung Remote Codes for Comcast TV, along with the different methods. Programming can be done using different ways ie Auto-search and manual methods.

Comcast Remote Code for Samsung TV

11060 10702

Xfinity Remote Codes for Samsung TV