Brookstone tv remote is known as a retail shop among the people of America and China. But it also sells all the home equipment as well as devices also. Brookstone having one amazing product that is known as “universal TV remote” known as “Flik universal remote”. If you have this remote then you are lucky. If you don’t have then purchase it because by this remote control you can operate your six types of home devices. If you have “Brookstone TV remote” then you have to know how to program this remote. Here I am going to tell you about “Brookstone TV remote” programming instruction.

STEP 1: Switch “ON” your device that you want to program.

STEP 2: Find the “SETUP” and the “POWER” buttons on the remote. Might be the “SETUP” button is below the “0”. And the “POWER” button is the top left corner of the Brookstone remote.

STEP 3: Press and hold the “SETUP” and the “POWER” button from your remote at the same time. The indicator(RED) light comes on. This light is located on the top center of the “Brookstone remote”.

STEP 4: Select the device which you want to program such as TV/DVD/VCR/and many more. Press the button from your remote according to your device. When you press device button then indicator light blink “once” or “twice”.

Note:  Remember that keep the remote face in front of the device that you want to program.

STEP 5: Press and hold the “CH+” button from your remote.After some time press and hold the “POWER” from your remote control.It help you for the quick search of your remote codes.

STEP 6: Press and hold the “ENTER” button from your remote control. It stores or saves the code correctly.

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If your device turn’s off then the programming process goes correctly. If this not happen then you have to repeat step number five and then step number six. If this solution cannot solve your problem then start the programming process at the first step. This is only a programming process that can program your Brookstone Tv Remote With Brookstone Remote Codes easily.

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