A universal remote is a solution for those who are using many remotes for their homely appliances. It is that remote which uses a code to get programmed and the entire control of your devices are in your hand. You can set up your Panasonic television with the universal remote codes by entering it manually. By putting the key-code, one can easily program a universal remote. The key-code detects the brand type of your device. Check the instructions given below:

How to Program Panasonic Universal Remote with Manual Method

  • Switch on the device and click the “TV’ button on your Panasonic universal remote.
  • Hold the “Setup” button of the universal remote till the LED light flashes. It is now in the “learning mode”.
  • At last, type the key-code which you got from the instructions booklet.
  • After completing this process, place your universal remote pointing towards the TV. Then, press and hold the “Power” key. Release the “Power” button whenever the screen gets shut off.
  • Following all these steps perfectly, you can now program the universal remote to control your brand device. If one code does not support it, try the other one from the same table.