There are two alternative techniques for resetting your Sony Bravia XBR4 if it becomes uncooperative. In order to execute a power cycle reset, no remote control is required. It serves as a way of terminating any currently running applications and initiating a fresh start.

Although it makes no changes to the settings, it is most effective when the television is sluggish, experiencing minor performance difficulties, or has frozen completely. The second way is to do a factory reset, which will erase all of your personalised settings and saved passwords.

It is possible to do a factory reset with or without the use of a remote. Even though the remote approach is the most frequent, both processes are simple to conduct.

How to Reset Sony Bravia XBR4 TV without A Remote

Power Cycle: You may switch on your Sony Bravia TV without using a remote and then do a full power cycle to reset the television to its factory settings. However, while this does not return the television to its original factory settings, it might help to resolve minor operational problems. For the power cycle to be initiated, first locate the manual controls on the television and then push the power button to turn it off completely. After the television has been turned off, unplug the power cord to ensure that the electricity is fully off. Wait for a full minute or a little longer to ensure that all of the remaining power has been used. Connect the power cord to a designated wall outlet to ensure that the television receives a sufficient amount of electricity, and then click the start button to turn on and test the television.

Without a Remote, Reset to Factory Settings

A full factory reset, whether done with or without a remote, is more complex than simply doing a power cycle. You can access the Sony Bravia settings and do a full reset without the need of a remote control.

The “Menu” button on your television’s manual controls may be accessed without having to use a remote to bring up the Sony Bravia settings without having to use the remote.

The “Settings” option may be found by using the channel-down button to scroll through the menu selections.

Next, select “Storage and Reset” from the drop-down menu, and then “Factory Data Reset” to completely erase all of your settings and return them to their factory defaults.

A popup appears asking if you want to delete everything, and you must choose “Yes.” Your television returns to its factory settings and performs as if it were a brand new television.

You must reinstall all of your programmes, enter your login information, and preserve any passwords that you may have used previously.

Replacing a remote control

Using a remote control, you can do factory resets and navigate through the menu much more easily. Despite the fact that you can execute any operation using the manual control panel, it is eventually a good idea to replace your remote. The remote is more efficient and makes it easier to operate the television since it eliminates the need to navigate through options on the physical control panel slowly.

The Final Words

In todays blog post, we have explained how to reset a Sony Bravia XBR4 without a Remote. Hope you will find the step-by-step guide helpful. Now, you can easily reset Sony Bravia TV without a remote control.

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