You can use the Blue-Ray player’s remote control to control your TV no matter which brand you use. Here we are using a Samsung device. If you are looking for universal remote codes for Samsung blu ray player, this is the best place to fix your issue regarding codes and programming instructions. We have already mentioned all of the following codes and we will use them in order until your device is programmed with the remote control.

If the code below doesn’t work properly then try to get it manually using the Samsung TV remote encoding method listed below. Read this article. Even if your device is not connected, you can send us your request using the comments section below. We will reply as soon as possible.

You can simply use the Blu-ray player’s remote control to control your Samsung Blu-ray player

Step1: You need to “turn on the TV”

Step2: Set “Blu-ray Remote Control” to “TV”

Step3: Now press and hold “TV power switch”.

Step4: While holding down the power button on the TV, you need to use the number buttons on your Blu-ray remote and “enter digital code” (you will have to keep changing the code until it is programmed).

Step5: Every time the code is entered correctly (correct code), “TV is turned off”. This shows that the remote control is “connected to your TV”.

Step6.Now you can access easily your TV with this universal remote control

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 Program Samsung Blu-Ray Universal Remote with auto search method

With automatic search method, all universal remote control codes are scanned on the remote control. The codes are scanned one by one to find the correct remote control code that works with remote control programming. Follow the instructions below:

Step1: “Turn on” the smart device as the “television” you want to use with the universal remote control.

Step2: Turn on the remote control and touch the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK / SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED display indicates that the device is ready for programming.

Step3: Point the remote control at the device and click the “CH +” and “CH-” buttons. The remote control displays an on / off signal. Press the up or down button repeatedly until the device turns off.

Step4: Check the code by clicking the On / Off button. The device must be turned on. When starting up, try changing the channel to make sure the remote has been programmed correctly.

Step5: Now tap on the “Device” button to save the code. The LED if the device flashes twice to verify the stored code.


How to program the Samsung Blu-Ray Universal Remote using the manual method

With the use of the keycode method , we can easily program a universal remote control and the keycode identifies your equipment made and model.

Step1: You must first “turn on the device”

Step2: Press “TV” on “Samsung Blu-Ray Universal Remote”

Step3: Now press and hold the “Settings” button on the universal remote control until “Flash” is displayed (ie in “Training mode”).

Step4: Finally, enter the “key code” that you have searched in the programming manual (operating instructions).

Step5: After doing this step, “point the remote towards the TV” then “Press and hold the Power button” for a while. You can release the power button when the screen is turned off.

That’s all, your TV now works fine with a universal remote control. If your device doesn’t work, repeat the same process with other codes from the same section of the reference table.

How to program the Samsung Blu-Ray Universal Remote with a code search

If you cannot search a suitable key code for your device at this time, you can set the universal remote control to the correct one in search mode. This is a manual mode code search method that forces the remote control to search mode

Step1: First “activate device”

Step2: Now hold down the “Setup” button

Step3: Enter the code “9-9-1” (three digits)

Step4: Now hold down the power button on the remote and press channel up until the device turns off your TV.

The method above may take some time, but it is very important to find your lock code. After the above steps, your remote control will work for all functions that has been programmed.

We hope that the methods and codes above were designed for use in programming your Samsung Blu-Ray as well as your favorite remote controls. This method is used to set up the Samsung Blu-Ray remote control.


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