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How to synchronise a Wii remote

Wii Remotes are so functional that you can use this Wii Remote Control to play with your Wii or Wii U. But you have to synchronise the remote with the console first. You can know this process easier if your friends are bringing their Wii Remotes to play over. You can also synchronise the Wii Remotes with the PC to use with the Dolphin emulator. Wii Remote control codes are essential while synchronising the Wii remote with the console. Read this blog carefully and learn how to program the Wii Remote for playing games.

How do you synchronise a Wii Remote by using a Wii Console?

In this post, you will learn about Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus synchronising with the Wii console by using the standard method. Go through the given steps carefully:

  • First of all, you have to click on the Power key on the Wii console to turn it on.
  • On the front side of the Wii console, you can see the SD Card Slot cover and you should open it. If you prefer a Wii mini, the SYNC button is situated on the left side of the battery compartment. The SYNC key is a darker shade of red than the Wii console.
  • Then, take out the battery cover on the back of the Wii Remote to be synchronised. Some Wii Remote brands consist of a hole in the battery cover and a tool on the wrist strap for pushing the SYNC button. In this brand, there is no need to remove the battery cover for accessing the SYNC button.
  • Tap on the SYNC button located below the batteries of the Wii Remote and release it. The Player LED on the front side of the Wii Remote will flash. When the lights continue to flash, you have to quickly press and release the red SYNC button of the Wii console.
  • When the Player LED flashing stops and remains lit, the synchronising is complete. The LED that is blinked denotes the Player number (1 through 4).
  • For each additional Wii Remote added to the system, this synchronising process must be followed.

How will you reset the Wii Remote Control?

The resetting guide for Wii Remote is given below:

  • Initially, remove the batteries and wait for one minute. Then, you have to re-insert them. There is no need to use fresh batteries.
  • Wait for a few seconds and press any of the buttons to wake up the Wii Remote.
  • Re-synchronise the Wii Remote.

The Pairing Code for a Wii Remote

Type PIN to link with ‘Nintendo RVL-CNT-01’. You can try 0000 or 1234. You cannot click ‘OK’ without entering in text.

Operation Guide for Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller Combo

  • The initial step is to connect the power supply of the Wii game console which includes an AV cable and inductor.
  • Then, you have to install a 2*AA true battery in the remote for Wii.
  • There is a red button (SYNC button) on the backside of the remote; the 4 indicators on the front side of the remote will be flashing quickly by clicking on it. Now, there is sufficient battery power.
  • You have to press the code key on the Wii game console to link the game console with the remote with the help of the pairing process. After synchronisation, the no.1 indicator will be solid and bright.
  • Then, make adjustments in the position of the sensor bar (cursor position).
  • With the help of Remote for Wii, you can play games by reading DVDs and U-Disk. Nunchuck is essential to be linked with the remote while reading games.

Do Wii Remotes use AA or AAA batteries?

The batteries used in the Wii Remotes are AA batteries. The recommended batteries that should be used in the Wii Remotes are the alkaline batteries. As the remotes are not the same size as most remote controllers from other gaming systems, you should use two AA batteries and not be recommended to use four.


In this blog, you have learnt about the programming of Wii Remotes for playing different games. But you have to insert Wii remote codes for proper synchronisation. Check out this post and if any queries, please write to us.