When you have many electronic devices at your home such as TV, DVD, Sound system, VCR, etc. a Philips universal remote can be the best way to remove the usage of multiple remotes. There are different methods to program every universal remote, hence understanding these programming processes are essential to control your entertainment devices.

Programming by Code:

  • Switch on the device that you wish to program onto the Philips universal remote. If you are programming a TV, you have to set the TV to channel 1.
  • Then, turn on the programming mode on the remote. Tap and hold down the ‘Setup’ button of the Philips universal remote. Leave the button when the red light of the Philips remote blinks constantly. Press and release the component button of the device that you want to program. The red light of the Philips universal remote will flash once and remain constant for confirming the programming mode of the device button you pressed.
  • Press and hold down the gadget button for the programming device if your Philips universal remote does not have a Setup button. Then, leave the button when the remote’s red light begins to flash. The flashing light denotes the programming mode for the device button you selected.
  • Add the 4-digit manufacturer code that matches your particular device. You will get the Philips remote control manufacturer codes in the user manual that came with your remote or you can check the Philips universal remote control code finder website. If you are unable to search for the manufacturer code, use (9999) so that the remote will scan all of the codes.
  • Insert the code with the help of Philips remote’s keypad. Tap on the ‘Power’ button and hold it down till the device shuts off. You have to leave the button right away as the device goes off. This process can take a while the remote scans the available codes.
  • Scan every code manually by tapping on the ‘channel up’ button continuously till the channel changes. This technique will help if your universal remote does not find the code automatically.
  • At last, hit the ‘Setup’ button two times for storing the code.