Bright House universal remote is a top-rated product of spectrum .it has a unique feature to control up to four devices like cable box, DVD player, television. You can program your devices with a bright house universal remote to avoid time to manage multiple remotes.

It is straightforward to Program a Brighthouse Remote using given programming instructions and code. There are two methods available to program your remote: the code manual method and auto search methods.

if you don’t have code list of remote control code, you can use the auto search method to program your remote .its straightforward process 

Table of Contents

Step 1

Turn on the device power button you want to program with the universal remote.

Step 2

Press the device button on your remote, which you want to program. For instance, if you want to program your TV to the remote, press the “TV” button. Press and hold “SETUP” until the device button blinks twice, then release it.

Step 3

Press “9-9-1” and watch for the device button to blink twice.

Step 4

Point the remote control at the device. Press and release “PWR.” Press and release the “CH+” button repeatedly with a pause between each one.

step 5 

Press the “SETUP” button on the remote. When the device turf off, the red indicator light will blink.