Most of us like to watch movies or web series on the big screen. Now, if you connect your DVD Player or any other entertainment device with your Television, you may juggle with several remotes.

Operating several remotes at one time is no more than a headache. But, as technology is known for discovering things for human comfort, the challenge of multiple remotes can get resolved quickly with Universal remote control. This short guide talks about the Philips Universal remote CLO34 model.

It also explains how to process it with your Philips devices such as TV, DVD Player, Blu-ray and more. He have mentioned the complete procedure to set up your devices with universal remote along with the Philips universal remote CL034 codes list. So, let’s get started.

Firstly, you will find the complete list of CL034 remote codes. Check out your remote mode, select the code, and then try another in case one doesn’t work.

Find Out Philips Universal Remote Cl034 Codes List

Here are the codes for Philips universal remote cl034. Choose the code and move on to the setup procedure.


Steps to Program Philips CL034 Universal Remote Control  

Programming Philips CL034 is a simple process that deals with different video components. Follow the below complete step-by-step instructions.

  1. Find the code for that device to program remote such as -TV, VCR, DVD Player, Cable / Satellite, and more. The Philips comes with a specific four-digit code that can reach the remote control. Your remote control can come up with a list of codes for each major brand. If you do not have a list, check codes online.
  2. Turn on the component and point to the remote. Press and hold the “Code Search” button. Release when the indicator continues lightly.
  3. Purpose device (“TV”, “VCR / DVD” or “Press the SAT / CBL button. The indicator light flashes and continues.
  4. Please enter a 4-digit code. If the device will accept the code, the indicator light closes. Otherwise, if it blinks and there are many possibilities for the device, you need to try another code.
  5. Press “POWER”, “PLAY” or “CHANNEL UP” whether the light response gives the component response. If so, move to another component.
  6. If the available code is not accepted or received, press and hold the “Code Search” button until the light remains.
  7. Press the device button. Light closes once. Press the DVD player to press the DVD player by pressing “Press” (or “Power” or “PLAY” until the remote does not respond to the correct code and device. Next, press “Mute” to save the code.
  8. After the VCR / DVD button, if the code is stored in DVD mode to reach the VCR of the VCR / DVD comb machine, press the [Code Search] button. To run the DVD, keep pressing the “VCR / DVD” button fully.

The Conclusion

In the above guide, we have given the complete list of Philips CL034 universal remote codes. It also talks about step-by-step instructions to setup Philips Universal remote CL034 with Philips devices.