If there is a control line error code on the control panel of the Samsung washing machine, it indicates a leak or the device is draining from the water tank. The error is reflected by the LC, LE or LE1 code on modern appliances, and E9 on older devices. Let us discuss everything about Samsung dishwasher LC code error and ways to fix it.

On models without performance, this error will indicate by the bio, 60°C flashing and cold wash lights in all modes. If the code continues to display, please remove the power plug of the dishwasher for 15 minutes to disconnect the power to clear the error code. It will reset the dishwasher, dry out the water or leak sensor and prevent a signal. The leak sensor sometimes absorbs a small amount of moisture. When Samsung dishwasher LC code occurs, the sensor will sense the water and display an error code on display.

What Could Be The Cause Of The LC Error?

The code names LE, LC, E9, and LE1 have the same meaning-the risk of water leakage or drainage from the storage tank. If the detector highlights the water level less than the required then the LC error set on its own.

In models equipped with the Aquastop system, a leak sensor (float) located in the tray under the washing machine will also respond to leaks. If water flows into the tray, the float will pop up, the device will stop running, and the error code will display on the screen. Mistakes can cause serious problems that require some expertise and experience, such as trivial problems-you can solve them yourself.

The most common reasons why Samsung dishwasher LC code errors are displayed:

  • The pipeline connection may not appropriate
  • Tank damage
  • The drain pump filter is not suitable.
  • Leak sensor failure
  • The powder dispenser is malfunctioning
  • Overburden on the machine

A Simple Way to Fix Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Error

  • First, please check whether the error caused by a temporary failure of the electronic board. Switch off the dishwasher and take out the power plug. Set it on mode after 10-15 minutes. After restarting the machine, if the code still exists, please continue to check.
  • Find out whether drainpipe properly connected to dishwasher body. Also, check for any visual impairment and blockage. Clean it from inside the sander.
  • You may have cleaned the drain filter after the last cleaning cycle, but it was not installed correctly. Make sure to connect correctly.
  • If there is too much foam in your instrument drum, check the cuvette. Clean it with dust and blockages.
  • Now, take a look at the nozzle inside the machine and check connection. It should go from tray to machine tanker. The clip may get loose and connection weak.
  • Check the contact and connection of all wires from the antistatic holder and leak sensor to the pallet (for models equipped with Aquastop). They must be out of order and need to replace.
  • If the above tips cannot help solve the LC error problem, it indicates that there is a fault and your device needs professional repair.

The Conclusion

We have highlighted one of the best ways in the above guide to fix Samsung dishwasher LC code error. It is a reliable and safe that you can use on your own and continue the work.